Release Announcement & Update

Release Announcement: Preorders being accepted at for Bunyan & Babe by Zoe Poledouris-Roche & Angel Roche, Jr. which features a theme by Basil Poledouris (Sept. 8, 2017) and a reissue for you new wave/80s rock fans - the only solo album by The Cars bassist Benjamin Orr titled The Lace (Sept. 22, 2017). When we have music ready, we will post clips on the website. Coming soon: Holocaust / World War 1 by Morton Gould, Music From Outer Space / TV Guide Top Television Themes by Frank Comstock (this is officially licensed from Warner/Rhino). We have some titles I cannot go into further detail due to negotiations that are on-going but they involve a couple digital only releases (we are always looking into Disc on demand for these types of releases unless fans tell us that they want a CD), 3 pop releases from the Rhino vaults (one of which needs artist approval for what we propose), and a couple limited edition soundtrack CD releases - both are expansions of previous releases by composers many of us love.
UPDATE: We have decided to advise Sony that we are passing on releasing the Silencers due to a label in Europe stealing our thunder on this release. Sorry to those who wanted us to release it but it is getting harder and harder to financially justify releasing CDs via major label manufacturing deals only to see another label flood foreign markets with their version. If we didn't mention a previously acknowledged release here it means those are further out than the ones we mentioned above. Thanks for all your support!

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