Upcoming release update

The following soundtracks have agreements/deals in place and will be released in the coming months:

Holocaust w/ World War I by Morton Gould

The Silencers by Elmer Bernstein

Bunyan & Babe by Zoe and Angel Roche featuring the theme by Basil Poledouris

Non-soundtrack releases with agreements/deals in place due out over the coming months:

Frank Comstock / Music From Outer Space w/ TV Guide Top Television Themes

4 Leon Russell releases (Americana, Wedding Album, Life & Love and Live with the New Grass Revival)

Benjamin Orr / The Lace

Other deals are in the works and we will update with release dates once each title is close to being finished.

Thanks for all of your support on Thelma & Louise.  It's selling nicely and we appreciate all the love and positive comments that have been sent to us and posted.

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