Tiki Lounge TV Themes by Holly Amber Church (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)
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Tiki Lounge TV Themes by Holly Amber Church (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

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Acclaimed film composer Holly Amber Church is a huge fan of Tiki culture and music.  Her love of this style of music has led her to reimagine classic TV Themes from such classics as The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, The Munsters and more.  This specially priced EP features eight classic TV themes that will be a popular play at parties and gatherings.  Fans of tiki music will find that this album is a must own!

Tiki Lounge TV Themes
Holly Amber Church
NFN Catalog # NFN1023EP
UPC: 850001545440

Track List:

Side A: 

1.I Dream Of Jeannie

2.The Brady Bunch

3.Gilligan's Island

4.The Munsters

Side B:


2.I Love Lucy

3.Mr Ed

4.Dick Van Dyke Show

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