Pumpkinhead: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack by Richard Stone (LP) (SOLD OUT)
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Pumpkinhead: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack by Richard Stone (LP) (SOLD OUT)

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Limited edition of 300 Translucent "Pumpkin" Orange LPs. 

Pumpkinhead is a great example of the term, cult classic.  In the world of film and television there are many such examples of cult classics.  This film, originally released in 1988 by United Artists, was the directorial debut for Stan Winston, creature maker & special effects master extraordinaire.  The film stars Lance Henriksen, John D'Aquino and Kerry Remsen.  The movie is best summed up as a dark fairy tale of revenge and redemption.  The score by Richard Stone is melodic and authentic, a mix of acoustic instruments and country rhythms. Stone went on to become what many called the heir to Carl Stalling.  The world lost a true talent when Stone passed away in 2001 at the very young age of 47.

Originally released for the first time as part of Varese Sarabande's "Little Box Of Horrors" set, we decided to reissue this with a stunning graphic design by composer Edwin Wendler.  The master source was taken directly from tape and sounds wonderful.

The movie has gone on to become a cult classic around the world spawning sequels, numerous reissues of the video/dvd/blu-ray, a comic book, a videogame and even an action figure of the monster.  We hope you love this release as much as we do!

Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Richard Stone

Supervising Music Editor: Allan K. Rosen

Assistant Music Editor: Mary Parker
Tracks Recorded at Baby O Recording (Hollywood, CA - September 1987)

Contractor: John Rosenberg
Keyboards/Synthesizers: Stu Goldberg and Richard K. Marvin
Guitars: Dennis Budimir and John Goux
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
Percussion: Michael A. Englander and Dale L. Anderson
Electronic Wind Instrument: Nyle A. Steiner
Violin: Sid Page
Copyists: Douglas D. Fraser, Adriana E. De Roche, Ross De Roche

Album Produced by Bryon Davis
Executive Producers for Notefornote Music: Bryon Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Jeff Ballinger
Special Thanks: Ford A. Thaxton, Cary E. Mansfield, Lori Silfen and Marc Miller

Digitally Edited and Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland (Tacoma, WA)
Album Art Direction: Edwin Wendler


1. Pumpkinhead (End Credits) (3:14)
2. Bud’s Help (2:45)
3. Father & Son (1:34)
4. Steve’s Death / It’s Evil (1:23)
5. A Holy Place (2:46)
6. Innocence Lost (1:30)
7. Visitors Arrive (1:47)
8. Raising Pumpkinhead (3:53)
9. A Witch In The Woods (5:03)
10. Mr. Harley’s Remorse (2:13)
11. Can I Take Your Picture? (0:47)
12. It Begins (4:01)
13. Resolution / A New Beginning (1:53)

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