Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Style Boyz cover by The Lonely Island (Mondo)

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Style Boyz cover by The Lonely Island (Mondo)

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Vinyl LP - Black (Style Boyz cover)


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The Lonely Island is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of the original soundtrack to POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING, courtesy of Mondo Music. Including nearly two dozen original comedic pop and hip-hop songs performed by The Lonely Island, and featuring artists such as P!NK, Adam Levine, Michael Bolton, and Seal, the soundtrack is pressed on 2x 180 Gram Black Vinyl, and housed in the album art for The Style Boyz' self-titled debut album.

“Out of four possible stars, Rolling Stone has given it the sh*t emoji...” reads a scathing review of Conner4Real’s fictional second solo album from the venerable music magazine. In our world, however, the music of POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING would warrant a perfect four out of four sh*t emojis, as The Lonely Island lovingly skewers pop music with brilliant glee. Catchy tracks like “Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song),” “Equal Rights”, and “I’m So Humble” have earned their place among the greatest music parodies of all time.

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