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Benjamin Orr: The Lace (CD) (SOLD OUT)

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Founding member of The Cars only solo album.

2017 reissue of the original Elektra LP and CD release.  Originally released in 1986 and recorded after the The Cars' biggest chart success, Heartbeat City, this album features the top 40 hit, "Stay The Night".  

Benjamin Orr has a long musical legacy.  He began his music career in 1964 as a member of the Grasshoppers, an Ohio band that went on to release two singles on the Sunburst label.  After meeting Ric Ocasek, and moving to Boston, the two formed Milkwood in the late 60s.  Milkwood would go on to release their only album, "How's The Weather" in 1973.  After the album failed to chart they formed a band that would be the precursor to The Cars and the rest is history. 

Orr wrote many of their songs and sang on three hits, "Just What I Needed", "Let's Go" and "Drive", their highest charting single ever.  After the success of Heartbeat City, Ben decided to record a solo album, "The Lace".  He co-wrote the lyrics with long-time girlfriend Diane Grey Page.  The first single, "Stay The Night" went top 40 on the pop charts as well as top 10 on the album rock charts.  The follow up single, "Too Hot To Stop" was also a rock radio hit.  Benjamin died in 2000 from pancreatic cancer at the age of fifty-three. Lovingly co-produced by our friend and 1980s reissue partner, John Trujillo of Trugroove Music, Notefornote Music is proud to reissue "The Lace" so fans of The Cars, young and old, can enjoy this album once more.

Release info:

The Lace
Benjamin Orr

Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Orr and Diane Grey Page
Produced by: Mike Shipley, Ben Orr and Larry Klein
Engineered and Recorded by: Mike Shipley
Additional Engineering by: Thom Moore
Mix Engineer: Thom Moore
“Stay The Night” and “Too Hot To Stop” Mixed by: Mike Shipley
Original Mastering: Bob Ludwig @ Masterdisk
UMI Programmer: Paul Ridout
Vocals: Ben Orr
Background Vocals: Ben Orr / Diane Page
Keyboards: Larry Klein
Guitarists: Mike Landau, Elliot Easton
Cover Photography: Jean Renard
Graphic Design: Boo Topeka

Executive Reissue Producers for Notefornote Music: Bryon Davis and John Trujillo.
Mastered by Chas Ferry and Daren Chadwick
Art Direction for Notefornote Music: Jonathan Hicks

Special thanks to Jacqueline Davis and Mitchell Friedman for helping get this endeavor of love up and running.

© & (P) 1986 & 2017 Elektra Entertainment Group.  Produced under license from Elektra Entertainment Group.  All rights reserved.  Manufactured by Rhino Entertainment Company.  A Warner Music Group Company.


1.    Too Hot To Stop
2.    In Circles
3.    Stay The Night
4.    Skyline
5.    When You're Gone
6.    Spinning
7.    Hold On
8.    The Lace
9.    That's The Way
10.    This Time Around


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