Painted Woman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Corey Allen Jackson (Vinyl LP)
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Painted Woman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Corey Allen Jackson (Vinyl LP)

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Painted Woman is a new western film inspired from the book "The Mustanger & The Lady" by renowned western writer, Dusty Richards.  The emotional and beautiful score is by award winning composer, Corey Allen Jackson (Chuck, Parallels, Exorcism Of Molly Hartley).

Adapted from prolific western novelist Dusty Richard's 'Mustanger and the Lady, Notefornote Music proudly presents the original motion picture soundtrack from 'Painted Woman'.  The film is directed by James Cotten and stars Stef Dawson, David Thomas Jenkins, Kiowa Gordon, Matt Dallas and Robert Craighead.  

'Painted Woman' is the story of Julie Richards, passed from hand to hand in a web of abuse and prostitution. As Julie's time with her benefactor is coming to a dangerous close, she is given two chances of escape with two very different men.   

Corey Allen Jackson is a renowned composer for film and television. Originally discovering music through a passion for rock and roll, Corey developed his craft through classical training as a composer at Paris' distinguished La Schola Cantorum. Since then, he has gone on to work in some of the most unique and inventive projects in the realms of Hollywood, television, and independent film. Most recently, he worked on Chuck, the highly-acclaimed Chuck Wepner biopic, starring Liev Schreiber. In order to channel the period piece's hedonistic sensibilities, Corey pulled inspiration from his own rock and roll influences, Jim Morrison in particular combined with the heart and soul of Ray Charles, to create a rocking soundtrack that exudes the same drunken swagger as the movie's protagonist, who was the inspiration for the movie Rocky.

Corey, an Oklahoma native himself, had a unique musical challenge scoring 'Painted Woman.' The film is very much two different movies blended together as one, with the first half was shot very dark and claustrophobic while the second half is outdoors, bright and very open. Corey utilized his diverse musical toolkit to support this dichotomy, enabling the successful and dramatic shift in the narrative.  

'Painted Woman' will be available on home video, video on demand on February 6.

Painted Woman
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by Corey Allen Jackson

Original Score Composed and Produced by Corey Allen Jackson
Executive Producers: Amber Lindley and James Cotten
Assistant To The Composer: Shimira Durgah
Music Editor: Brittany DuBay
Orchestrators: Tim Rodier,Steffen Schmidt, Elisa Rice
Score Mixed by Josh Margolis
Recorded at Sonic Fuel Studios, El Segundo, CA


Concertmaster: Mark Robertson
Fiddle & Violin: Paul Cartwright
Viola: Andrew Duckles
Cello: David Low
Oboe: Claire Brazeau
Piano: Robert Thies

Executive Producers for Notefornote Music: Bryon Davis and Jacqueline Davis
Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland
Art Direction for Notefornote Music: Mark Banning

Notefornote Music would like to thank Mitchell Friedman, Daniel Schweiger, Mike Joffe, Corey Allen Jackson, Cary Mansfield, Amber Lindley and James Cotten.

Track List:

Side 1:

1.    Painted Woman (2:54)
2.    The Kentucky Gentleman (0:52)
3.    You Can Trust Me (2:16)
4.    I’m Here For You (2:18)
5.    The Killings (1:52)
6.    Get Upstairs (2:32)
7.    The Apothecary (2:35)
8.    You Deserve Better (3:03)
9.    Don’t Give Him These Tears (2:05)
10.    The Mustanger (1:28)

Side 2:

1.    What’s Your Name? (2:15)
2.    A Quiet Dinner (1:05)
3.    You Smell Like A Horse (1:14)
4.    He Isn’t What I Expected (2:37)
5.    I Don’t Need You Telling Me Anything (1:57)
6.    Rebirth Of Julie (1:57)
7.    Julie Tries Again (0:56)
8.    The Andersons (1:02)
9.    Frank Comes For Julie (1:49)
10.    Please Stay (0:54)
11.    Thank You (1:37)


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