Virtually by Christy Carew (24 bit / 48k digital only)
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Virtually by Christy Carew (24 bit / 48k digital only)

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DIGITAL ONLY - 24/44.1khz file only - not a CD.

A woman who is struggling to survive alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland discovers a virtual-reality machine, allowing her to escape from her loneliness into a virtual world where she falls in love.  Featuring a wonderful score by up and coming composer, Christy Carew. 

Music By Christy Carew
NFN Catalog # NFN-9048
UPC: 76013757228

Music Produced and Composed by Christy Carew

Cover Art: Mark Banning

Executive Producers for Notefornote Music: Bryon Davis

Track List:

1 The Girl In The Desert
2 The Shed
3 Experimenting
4 First Sight Of The Ocean
5 Can't Wait
6 Conversations
7 The Riddle
8 A Palm
9 Urgency
10 Hungry
11 Sick And Alone
12 You're Real
13 Finale

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