The Jack In The Box: Awakening by Christoph Allerstorfer (24 bit / 48k digital only)
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The Jack In The Box: Awakening by Christoph Allerstorfer (24 bit / 48k digital only)

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DIGITAL ONLY - 24/48khz file only - not a CD.

When a vintage Jack-in-the-box is opened by a dying woman, she enters into a deal with the demon within that would see her illness cured in return for helping it claim six innocent victims. Composer Christoph Allerstorfer returns for the sequel and delivers a great horror score.

Christoph Allerstorfer's classical training as a cellist, and his experience in playing in various bands as guitarist and drummer, he has gained a wide range of stylistic abilities. He is fluid in writing in different genres ranging from orchestral music to fully electronic or hybrid scores.

He is also known for his work in movie advertising campaigns, with music used in "Star Wars - Rogue One", "IT Chapter 2", "Midsommar", "High Life", "Us" and many more.

The Jack In The Box: Awakening
Music Composed by Christoph Allerstorfer
NFN Catalog # NFN-9061
UPC: 760137998723

Music composed and Produced by Christoph Allerstorfer

Executive Producers for Notefornote Music: Bryon Davis and Peter Hackman

Track List:

1 Demonic Box
2 Life
3 Unleashed
4 The Deal Is Done
5 Awakening
6 The Manor
7 Six Must Die
8 The Cellar
9 Foreshadow
10 Jack Kills
11 Sacrifices
12 Deadly Secret
13 Betrayed
14 Sleep Of The Doomed
15 Out Of Sight
16 Origin Of The Jack
17 Dead Woman Walking
18 Captured
19 Mother
20 Jack Kills Again
21 Edgar's Secret
22 Eyeballs
23 Chasing Amy
24 Hallucinating
25 Bad Medicine
26 Jack Kills Some More
27 We Need To Leave
28 Hiding
29 Don't Go Through The Cellar
30 Foul Play
31 Jack Kills Another One
32 No Way Out
33 Amy Kills
34 Stalking Jack
35 Escaping Rosewood Manor
36 Consider Us Even, Mother

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